GORSHI a brand of
fashion, elegance, softness and decency

卓熙工作室 GORSHI
“GORSHI” is engaged to the design, R & D and production of lady bags. The brand attaches importance to the integration of Eastern and Western styles, blending the Eastern femininity with the Western simplicity and fully manifesting the female softness through colors throughout its design philosophy.

B eauty is a fashion interpreting taste and fineness... For females, no matter white-collar workers or successful women, stuff of quality and taste will perfect your overall images and embody your mental connotations...

美是一种时尚,它诠释着品味与美好,无论白领还是各界女性,品位提升着你的整体形象, 并渗透着你的内涵

卓熙, 时尚、高雅、柔美、大气
graceful style A perfect interpretation of the femininebeauty in color, A delicate wrist strap witha smalllength package, The whole style is soft and fashi ……